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Following his rejection by the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, Dr. Thelonious Zones finds himself counseling inmates at a South Georgia prison for his uncle’s consulting firm. It’s a job he abhors. He fears something in his past, from his childhood, may have skewed the psychological testing he underwent for the job against him. Everything changes for him, however, when he is visited by the FBI and local law enforcement during a prisoner counseling session. Dead bodies are showing up in Metro Atlanta’s religious places. His knowledge of religious and institutional symbolism in crime scenes may help in deciphering the cryptic images left by the murderer. He is joined by a seasoned detective who doubts his theories of the crimes and sets out to prove him wrong. Zones’ pursuit of answers leads him on a path riddled with mysticism and secret societies. The more he learns the more he is convinced that rigid dogma, based on ancient conflicts, is at the heart of the murders. 




Available in Paperback & eBook


Criminal profiler Dr. Thelonious Zones wants to believe his father didn’t kill his mother. What stops him from believing is the twenty-five years to life he received for her murder. Zones’ avuncular employer and father’s best friend, Sam Drake, defends his innocence. Zones sets out to find the truth to this twenty-four-year-old question, but his search is interrupted when he is forced to investigate the death of a young Arab college student and the series of bombings engulfing a small southern town. Zones’ theory and profile of the perpetrator(s) are questioned by law enforcement when events change and new suspects emerge. The trail to the truth will lead Zones through a thicket of well-guarded secrets and childhood memories that cause him to question what he believes about how the world truly works.

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