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 I'm an avid reader and this is the first book I've ever read that I felt riveted to finish...The action is fast-paced and hard-hitting. "Sheaves of Zion"has all the ingredients of a blockbuster bestseller. Read Full Review


@ Moneysaver Editing

...characters in "Sheaves of Zion" plus an incredible plot-line make it a book that belongs on reading lists everywhere. Read Full Review

Alice DiNizo

for Readers' Favorite

...characters come complete with intriguing pasts and the hero's unique expertise helps make Sheaves of Zion a well-crafted, solidly-concepted, readable thriller. Read Full Review


for Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards

 I loved the originality in this writing. A work of rare brilliance, a must read! Read Full Review

Romuald Dzemo

for Readers' Favorite

 The sometimes-insolent but likable Marmaduke and shrewd Rome are noteworthy, but Zones is unparalleled. Read Full Review

Kirkus Reviews

Moreover, I haven't picked up any fiction over 350 pages since my college encounter with War and Peace. But an introductory quote from the black intellectual Frederick Douglass drew me into Swarm Theory. And E.W. Sullivan's fine writing kept me there, page after page: a sleep deprived but very satisfied reader.  Read Full Review

Jane Allen Petrick

for Readers' Favorite

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