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Book excerpts

  • CHAPTER SIX - The Queen.

              ROME HIT THE STREETS hard to look for the man who assaulted her rape victim.    

         Finding him would be difficult. He was faceless, formless and nameless—a ghost. To catch him, she 

         needed resources and street intelligence, a snitch. She had cultivated many informers over the years............

Bell's Groove -
  • CHAPTER TEN - 'Sup Nigga.

THE SMOKY ROOM OVERFLOWED with people—men mostly. Half-naked women carried 

        drinks and scampered back and forth. Loud music shook the thinly made walls, rattling them. The scent  

        of cheap cigars and expensive cologne clashed. The smell rocked the senses to full.............


Eye Candy -
  • CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE - The profile, sticky bun and Coke.

              A mop of short, black hair lay on top of the table. Arms with elbows pointed and marred with

         colorful tattoos shot from both sides of her head. There was very little movement from their suspect as

         Zones and Marmaduke watched her from monitors in another room...........

Why do you ask me? -
  • CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN - I’d like a bomb with that pizza.

              ZONES PULLED INTO A parking space just outside his apartment building. The food from

         Sylvia’s filled his car with the scent of fried catfish, mashed potatoes, collard greens and cornbread. His

         stomach growled as he shifted the car into Park.................

I can see you -
  • CHAPTER SIXTY-TWO - One down, one to go.

              The space grew quiet. The time ticked down. To Zones, the numbers sounded like a noon day train as

         they tumbled backward to zero. Tennineeight, his gaze cut to Detective Rome. Her eyes were  

         squeezed tight........

No longer going to compromise -


Book excerpts


         “You called about a body?” Marmaduke asked the reverend, waiting under the covered

         porch of a small, wood framed church, when Detective Chennault and he arrived.

“That’s right, I did.” His voice trembled. He fumbled through a large ring jingling.........

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